Kalstein’s Ultra Pure Water Purifiers

The quality of the water used in analysis laboratories is decisive in the quality of their results. So you should also select a good equipment that purifies the working water.


At Kalstein we have a variety of water purifiers, but this time we’ll talk to you about the ultra-pure water system.


Research and technological development laboratories in research centres or universities require water of optimum quality to eliminate hidden variables in the results of their analyses. The use of water of the highest quality and purity is also essential in clinical analyses, in work with cell cultures or in fluids with biochemical components.


Equipment and instruments such as gas and liquid chromatographs, absorption and atomic emission spectrometers, must operate with water with which it is absolutely certain the absence of contaminants and components that may interfere with the results of the analysis.


It is precisely in these areas that Kalstein’s purifier enters. Let’s talk about the qualities of our equipment and let technology speak for itself:


Characteristics of the ultrapure water system:


The system integrates the best-in-class Siemens EDI module for high-quality water at an affordable price.


Supplied as standard with a 30L tank (also available in 60L and optional UV module), a level sensor and a sterile filter ventilated with CO2 absorbent to prevent carbon dioxide contamination of the purified water.


System status and quality parameters are clearly displayed on an easy-to-use LCD display.


RO automatic membrane washing system to prevent the development of germs and other microorganisms and thus guarantee a maximum useful life.


Do you have any questions? At Kalstein we have much more to offer, contact our team and get the best advice on the selection of your water purifiers.